Wedding Ceremony Song Order

Wedding Ceremony Song Order

A wedding is without a doubt one of the most important life events. There are quite a few things that one should keep in mind as far as the weddings are concerned. The planning comes down to wedding halls, the food, the bride and bridegroom’s dresses and the various other arrangements for the guest. Also, songs do form a very important and integral part of any wedding and therefore it must be given the importance it deserves. However, not many of us are aware of the wedding ceremony song order. Here is a list of what the order of songs should be for a wedding ceremony.

Things To Keep In Mind

Wedding planning has different stages to it, and the same must be adhered to at all points of time. We believe that it could be a great way to help the wedding planners to go through the suggested order. The order below is the most common song order for weddings. The songs have evolved with time and the lists mentioned below are customizable in more ways than one.

Wedding Ceremony Song Order

The Prelude Music

The prelude is usually for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. It should be started the moments you see guests arriving for the wedding. There could be some special request from guests, and the song organizers should be able to arrange the same.

Seating Of Family Members

Music also is played when the mothers of the bride and the groom are escorted to their respective seats. In some cases, the aunts, uncles, and grandparents are also escorted to their respective seats to the accompaniment of music.

Processional RequirementsWedding Ceremony Song Order

This is also very important especially when the groom, groomsmen and officiants enter. They usually make an entrance from the side before the start of the ceremony. However, this can be changed in places where a subtle entrance is easy. However, the moot point is that it should be accompanied by music.

You also have the next procession consisting of the junior bridesmaid, the bridesmaid and also the maid of honor. They should move in that order and it also is possible that the groomsmen also escort them to the accompaniment of appropriate music.

Flower Girl And Ring Bearer

The next important processional is that of the flower girls and ring bearers. They can walk as a pair or separately. The song selection can either be new or could be a selection which is there from the entrance to the wedding event.

Bridal Processional

The entrance of the bride should be to a new song. She will be escorted by her parents, or a close relative. A bride may choose to walk on her own unaccompanied.

Ceremonial Music

This music is played while the ceremony is happening. Religious music could be playing if this fits with the ceremony. The theme is an important point to keep in mind.


Finally once the couple has been announced, the recessional process starts and gets over when all the guests in the wedding party have move out.

In Conclusion

The above are the most commonly followed wedding ceremony song order that one should bear in mind. Remember to consider the type of wedding you will have, and what guests will be there. The songs should follow with the theme of the wedding, and the mood you want to portray. Try to keep the songs simple, with nice instrumentals. At Event Synergy, our professionalism and wedding DJ experience will bring life to your wedding in no time!

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