Songs Needed for Wedding

Songs Needed for Wedding

Your wedding day is a special day, and there are many things to plan and do before that day arrives. One of the things need to be done prior to the special day includes figuring out what your wedding playlist will be. So, what songs are needed for wedding? Different moments of a wedding require different songs. Some moments require more slow romantic music, while others need upbeat, songs to dance to to spark the laughter and fun. Below are the different types of songs that you’ll need for the wedding day and what kind of music will be required for each part.

Wedding Morning

On the morning of your wedding day, you can get inspired with pre-wedding songs as everyone is setting up the ceremony and reception. The morning playlist needs to reflect the love you feel for your partner and inspire a strong bond with the bridesmaids.

Ceremony Procession

Songs Needed for Wedding

After getting ready all morning, it is finally time to walk down the aisle. You have conquered all those butterflies somersaulting in your stomach since the engagement day. The wedding procession is the peak of the event. The music should be vibrant, lively and symbolize the love between you and the bride/groom.

Ceremony Recessional

The wedding is now coming to an end, and there is a lot of excitement in the air. You have shared the long-awaited first kiss, and now you are ready to throw your hands in the air and party! The playlist should include songs that both of you like and ones that will go down your memories as marriage partners.

Cocktail Hour

Find feel-good music with a slow, mellow vibe to go with the cocktails. This is the time for love ballads. There are plenty of jazz songs that perfectly fit this purpose; consider Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion or Sam Cooke.

Reception Entrance

The entrance songs need to be stylistically unique from all the others played in the ceremony. Find a vibrant tune with romantic lyrics. Pick an entrance song that will make to make everyone happy.

First Dance

The first dance is just as memorable as the first kiss, and all eyes will be on you two. You need to find music that pairs the two of you for a perfect moment. Select a song that’s personally cherished by both of you and take the stage to let your love shine.

Father-Daughter Dance

This song can be tough to choose — you may soon find out that your taste in music is so different from your dad’s. Plan to find a song that makes both of you happy and speaks about your relationship. You can get a modern rendition of your dad’s favorite old school jam.

Mother-Son Dance

This is one of the best moments in a wedding. Your mother will be beaming with love, joy, and pride. There are many songs to express in this moment, so find one that is special to both of you for an unforgettable experience.


This sweet moment can be playful or straightforward, and the song should reflect that exact mood. The music played during cake cutting tells a lot about the couple’s personality and the cake flavor.

Bouquet Toss

As you throw the flowers to the next lucky bride, you need the right song to set the pace for the single ladies. These moments are usually fun, competitive and playful. Find an energetic song that will inspires laughter and cheer.

Last Dance

The last song at a wedding needs to be unique. It should adequately summarize the happiness, the joy, laughter, and romance of the day. Choose music that is upbeat with positive energy and mix it up with sentimental ones so that the couple can have a sweet ending.

Every moment of a wedding needs special music. After all, this is a day like no other, and it needs to go down in yours and other people’s memories. Music is just a single aspect that you need to get right for your wedding, and this guide gave you insight into what kind of songs needed for wedding.

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