Should I Hire a DJ or Band for My Wedding?

Should I Hire a DJ or Band for My Wedding?

Should I hire a DJ or band for my wedding day? Most people can't decide on their wedding maestro, but this article will weigh all you need to know when choosing the right music provider for your big day.

Make no mistake that music can make the difference between a wedding to remember for the right reasons or the wrong ones. It is the center of attraction at the reception, and hiring a wedding band or DJ is a must.

So, how do you decide between either of the two? Your search has to start with evaluating the answers to some vital questions. For instance, should I hire a DJ or band for my wedding according to my tastes or my guest demographics?

Whether you decide on a live music band or a DJ, the entertainment services you want should cater to your reception space, budget, and guest type. Here are five essential things you should know before settling on the kind of music you want.

1. You have a few things to consider

Should I Hire a DJ or Band for My Wedding?
Should I Hire a DJ or Band for My Wedding?

When thinking about whether to go for a band or DJ for wedding entertainment, you have to consider the vibe you want to set for the wedding. A lot of times, people will remember the kind of music you play. Besides, the tone and theme of your wedding will depend on the music you choose.

For example, do you want fast past-paced 70's music or a string quartet that's reflective of the moment? You might want to go for music that lets you let loose through the night or tones that take you back to your younger years. Whatever you choose, a DJ will be in charge of the atmosphere.

Why a DJ is important: a DJ is experienced enough to know that all guests should enjoy the music they play. They'll play both fast and slow songs alternately in addition to old and new music to keep everyone on the dance floor.

Your budget: when it comes to prices, DJs cost much less than say, a 12- piece live band (the band has more people to pay). However, DJ prices depend on the equipment you ask them to use, and the day of the week you have your wedding. It would help if you remembered, though, famous DJs can cost as much as live bands.

Space: If you decide to go with a live-band, ensure that the reception has enough space. Additionally, you should confirm whether the reception venue allows the kind of equipment the band will bring. It's also vital to ensure that there aren't limitations on noise and the amount of electrical power you'll need.

2. The Pros and Cons of a Live Band

A live band ensures that your wedding guests are always entertained and bring some finesse to your wedding. Ask whether the bandleader can double up as the MC at your reception and choose music according to the room's energy.

Pros: you and your wedding guests enjoy a spontaneous performance

Cons: they are more expensive than a DJ. Additionally, they may not have the same variety of music at hand that a DJ would. Also, you won't be able to hear a song exactly as it is performed by the artist.

3. The DJ

DJs nowadays offer a variety of music in different styles that would appeal to anyone. As a result, they are considered artists. Additionally, the songs they play sound just like you'd like them too so you can join in the singing. Most importantly, they will take up very little space in your reception area.

Pros: They have a playlist of different songs to put in requests, and they'll be able to play your song.

– It doesn’t matter the number of songs you want to play at your wedding, the DJ will not have a problem with finding any of your preferred tracks. Besides, if you get a DJ who has amerced excellent emcee skills and has a charismatic stage presence, you will have the guarantee that your weeding party and mood will keep going through the night.

– DJs are much cheaper than bands for hire.

Cons: if your DJ doesn't come with the right mood to grace your wedding, they can mess up your event. However, this may not be an issue because a professional DJ will be able to keep their personal life under wraps to focus on the job and play appropriate songs for your bridesmaids walking down the aisle.

4. Experience their Work Before You Commit

Why a DJ is Important
Why a DJ is Important

Before your wedding reception, give a list of songs for the wedding ceremony to the DJ that you'd like to listen to and ask them to prepare beforehand. If you decide to go with a band, ensure that the performers you contract are the musicians that will show up at the wedding. Ensure you ask the DJs or band's previous clients how they played at their events.

The best test you can give to a band or DJ is to ask them if they can play your first dance song. If they can't and aren't bothered to learn it, they're not a good fit.

5. Be Upfront Before You Contract Them

Be clear about your expectations and let the DJ or band know what you like or don't like. If there are songs you don't like, be open to your DJ and ask them not to play them or to keep the right song order you want them in.

As you ask yourself, should I hire a DJ or band for my wedding, remember to put the above points into action and focus on the pros of hiring one over the other.

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