How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony – Music During Ceremony

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony – Music During Ceremony

Couples often have a hard time figuring out how many songs they need to have for their wedding ceremony. While there’s no definite number of songs to be played at a wedding, you can always estimate by dividing the ceremony into portions where there could be music. So how many songs are played at a wedding ceremony?

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony

In this article, we’ll cover most of the portions of wedding ceremonies where there could be music. Ultimately, you’ll have an easier time estimating the number of songs that will be played at your wedding.

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony
How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony

Bear in mind that for about 15 minutes to half an hour before the ceremony begins, the wedding DJ will usually play some background music while guests are entering. It’s not uncommon for DJs to play standard classical music or tracks from different genres that feel appropriate for the mood. 

Thanks to our experience working with weddings, should a portion of the ceremony take longer than the “song” you’ll have selected for it, you can expect the music to keep going.

Seating of the Parents

In some cases, the couple will select music for the seating of the parents. However, most weddings have the parents walk in with the regular processional. Ultimately, it really comes down to what you prefer.

Basic Processional

You’ll definitely need a song for the processional. This is different from the bride’s song and is almost always the song the bridesmaids will walk to. Sometimes the groom and groomsmen will walk to this song but they don’t always have to.

Groom and Groomsmen

At some weddings, the groom will usually be at the altar, waiting for the bride. If that’s the case, the same will apply to the groomsmen. However, they may also walk to the processional or they can have their separate entrance song. There’s no right or wrong way as it’s often a matter of personal preference.

The Flower Girl

The flower girl’s song will depend on whether she’ll be walking with the bride or with the bridesmaids. However, if you choose to have the flower girl walk alone, you might consider picking a separate song, otherwise, the processional should work just fine.

Bride’s Song

The bride needs to walk down the aisle to one song. In the case of a Jewish wedding, for example, where there’s going to be circling seven times, you might consider having a second song.

Ceremony BeginsHow Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony

Generally, there shouldn’t be any music when the MC is talking. Maybe some light background music if he/she has a microphone. The same for when vows are being read.

Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Hand Binding

You can choose to have no music playing but some meditation music will do no harm.


You’ll also need music for the recessional when the couple is walking down the aisle to signify that the ceremony is over.


This typically refers to the exit music. Soft background music should work fine.

Bottom Line

So how many songs are played at a wedding ceremony? The short answer is that there is no precise number of songs. Every wedding is different and has varying portions with varying lengths as well. If it turns out that you didn’t pick music for any part of the ceremony, you can always count on our Professional DJ services here at Event Synergy to feel things out and choose an appropriate track or keep things quiet.

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